Who I am

a little history how everything began ...

Hi, I am Emanuel. I live in Bözberg, Switzerland, with my parents and my brother, Joshua. In December 2018 I turned 17.

Let’s have a little look back in my young life when I had started drawing and painting. Since I can think I was interested in drawing and handicraft work. Fascinated by “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Johnny Depp, I draw him with a pencil on paper and sometimes even with color pencils as well. I was less than 5 years old. My Mom was impressed because at this time I had no patience but the expression of all my sketches were awesome, she and others said. Everybody recognized “Jack Sparrow”!

Emanuel, 5 years old, art studio

In fall 2007, we found by a fortunate coincidence an art studio in our area who offered painting lessons for kids. This was just perfect. In these lessons I gained most of my knowledge so far and the diversity of technics. My teacher, Tana, always encouraged me (who became a very good friend to our family) to experiment at the fullest. She has a huge stock of all different kind of materials, tools and utilities. Everything an artist’s heart is beating for!

I loved to go there – it meant art freedom to me! And you won’t believe but I am still going there – every friday evening!

Besides that I diligently made so many 3D figures with paper, scissors and adhesion. I used a lot of material, pencils and colors – believe me. My figures and drawings were mostly from known movies like “Sponge Bob”, “Cars”, “Toy story”, “Ice Age”, “Kung Fu Panda”, “Madacascar”, “Lucky Luke”, “Spiderman”, “Batman” at least to mention some of them. I created new games, Panini album, coloring books, masks with all my heros. Hours over hours my drawings, paintings and handicraft works kept me busy and luckily, I was getting deeply patient. I wanted to have it perfect. Every detail had to sit on its place. A lot of memorable moments and a lot of multiple workouts, of course 🙂

Later, I started to paint characters of my favorite movies and actors. Over and over again, eg the Joker from the movie “Batman” in so many different perspectives and variations. With pencil, color pencils, water colors, gouache, marker, etc. My parents always supported and fostered me in any way they could. They bought all the material I needed to achieve my own goals.

In primary school, even my class teacher realized that I was talented. He helped me to apply in a special program (sponsored by the Swiss government) in Switzerland for talented kids at the School of Art in Aarau. They accepted me and since then I am going there once a week. It has been 6 years ago since and I am more than 100% motivated.

Two years ago, my parents and I bought the newest iPad Pro with pencil. With this gadget I dived in in a total new dimension. I started to do illustrations with the device and had known different electronical programs, similar to Photoshop. My passion is so big that I have also started my own YouTube channel where I publish videos in a regular base (school vacation) inspired by Marcello Barenghi who I found on the YouTube one day four years ago. Certainly, I was his biggest fan. At the time being, I was fascinating of his hyper-realistic art and drawing videos. I wanted to be like him. Actually, he encouraged me to continue, what I am doing until today. He became a very famous YouTuber and I still keep an eye on his works.

Repeatedly, I draw for people who want to have a special gift for they beloved ones. In other words, I started my own little business to afford some of my “goodies”.

This year, I am going to finish my school and in August 2018 I will start a 4-years education at the ETH Zurich as Interactive Media Designer.