Emanuel Schweizer – artist

Birthday 13. Dezember 2001
Place of birth Leuggern/Brugg, Switzerland
2008 - 2013 Primary school, Bözberg
2013 - 2015 Private school, Merkmal, Baden
2015 - 2018 High school, Brugg
2012 - 2018 BiG, Special program Art
2007 - 2018 Art studio, Turgi
2018 - open Interactive Media Designer (IMD) at ETH, Zurich, Studies
Emanuel Schweizer - artist - vita

Born in December 2001 in Bözberg, Switzerland. I live in Bözberg with my parents and my brother, Joshua. In August 2018, I will start my studies as Interactive Media Designer. Early in my childhood my parents discovered that I was gifted in crafting and drawing. In my spare time I was always creative and busy with my hands and fingers since I can think of. For my paper games or my 3D movie characters who I came up with I needed x-meters of adhesive tape and tons of paper. My mom always had them on stock. She also bought me all the color pencils and markers in all different thickness and colors required. Luckily!

My speciality and diversity is that I am interested in many multifarious technics, materials, tools, utilities and electronic devices who cover all my ideas in my mind. Painting animals, persons, nature or other objects on canvas with acryl colors started fascinating me a lot. Also gouache or water colors are nice to work with. Lately, I love to draw person portraits of famous movie stars and celebrities either on my iPad Pro with Pencil or with my newest special color pencils.

In the past ten years I practised a lot and extended my experience not only in school, art studio or in my special art class, but also in leisure time. Whenever I have time I “produce” something new, better and better, getting higher and higher with my aspiration and challenge. Frequently, my school fellows and friends wanted to see what I have done with the result that I started to produce time elapsed videos on YouTube or I post my outputs on Instagram and other channels. And “last but not least”: I now maintain my own website. Watch out for any news!

Roger Federer - drawn by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Drawing – Roger Federer


Portfolio Drawing – Sergio Ramos

  • Favorite color pencils: Caran d’Ache Artist
  • Favorite theme: Portraits and characters of films & animations
  • Favorite artist: Vincent Van Gogh
  • Favorite technic: Color pencils
  • Favorite film: Batman “The Dark Knight”
  • Favorite sport: Football (Soccer)
  • Favorite food: Pasta with Pesto sauce
  • Favorite color: Tones of blue