Portfolio Drawing – Dua Lipa


I am still very active and creative on weekends. I finished with a very powerful and colorful picture of Dua Lipa. She is a singer, songwriter and model. Her voice is very special and she is successful. It is very motivating to see, that she is making music since she is 14 years old and never gave up! I am now excited to share the final version with all of you.

  • Project: Portrait of Dua Lipa a singer and model
  • Category: Drawing
  • Tools: Different Color Pencils on paper
  • Created: Leisure time
  • Workout summary: It took me 9 hours and 12 minutes
  • Price: On request

You might be interested how this was created – so from time to time, I will show you up the making of my paintings step by step and how it becomes form & colors.

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