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Creativity is intelligence having fun. Right now, I live this as much as I can. And I am doing it with all my love. Times will be changed soon.
For now, stay tuned and enjoy …

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Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see. I get more and more practise. I am content with my work but I learn every day until perfection!

Special present

An exquisite present is always an unforgettable experience. It is very special, personal and moreover very unique.
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Highly motivated ...

I am currently very active and creative by surprising my family, friends, fans and followers with a drawing or an illustration every week. And, the personal feedback I get encourages me to do more and more and of course, it makes me so happy. Thank you all for your support.

If you have an indiviudal wish or if you would like to make a memorable, exclusive present to someone special, I am always having an open ear for you to discuss your ideas. Ask for the price. Involve me in your project and contact me today!

Emanuel working with Luminance from Caran d'Ache

My Latest Works

Interpretation of Joker, the new film by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Drawing – Joker

Matterhorn by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Illustration – The Matterhorn

Einar by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Painting – Einár

Leonardo and Brad by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Drawing – Leonardo diCaprio & Brad Pitt

Albert Einstein by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Drawing – Albert Einstein

Avengers by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Drawing – Avengers Endgame

Porsche GT2 by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Drawing – Porsche GT2 RS

The revenant by emanuel schweizer

Portfolio Drawing – The Revenant

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